Reeds Gourmet Meats | Avdis Ranch Beef
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Avdis Ranch Beef

The Avdis Ranch Difference
Avdis Ranch is proud to be the only commercial cattle operation within the city limits of Sacramento, the Farm-to-Fork capital of America. Our cattle are free-range, pasture-raised and 100% grass-fed and finished. We do not feed any hormones, supplements or antibiotics to our animals.  We are dedicated to the animals and are committed to the sustainable use of our land.

100% Natural

Avdis Ranch cattle are raised without any hormones supplements or feed antibiotics, resulting in beef that is healthier with a natural, fresh flavor.

Pasture Raised

At the Avdis Ranch, all our cattle, pasture raised on privately owned land in Northern Sacramento, free graze on over 50+ acres of land.


Our cattle spend the summer grazing on our irrigated pastures, consuming a mixture of wild-grass, alfalfa, clovers and other perennial vegetation.

Locally Owned & Operated

Since the 1940s, Avdis Ranch has operated locally out of Northern Sacramento and is proud to be based in America’s farm-to-fork capital.